Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend


Blend of the three typical cultivar of Western Sicily (Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla), this Extra Virgin Olive Oil satisfies all tastes. Well balanced and equilibrate, enriches all dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. An intense oil but slightly pepper with a medium fruity and aromatic notes reminiscent of artichokes and green tomatoes.

Size: 500 ml

Pairings: meats, fishes, side dishes and sauces.

Curiosities: the Extra Virgin Olive oil is also recommended in hypocaloric diet, because it is rich in unsaturated fats (good fats). It also contains vitamins E and K, which prevent the cellular ageing.

Olive Oil Storage: to maintain intact as long as possible the organoleptic properties of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil the best storage temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees away from light, heat and oxygen. Store olive oil in a dark-colored glass bottles or in a stainless steel container, away from detergents. If you buy your olive oil in cans, consider pouring smaller amounts in a dark-colored bottle to use as you need it.


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