Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dop Val di Mazara 3 l Can


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Blend of Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuola and Biancolilla cultivated in the Val di Mazara area and processed within 24 hours of the harvest. The PDO Olive oil is a unique product because the olives are cultivated in an area special for climate, environment characteristics and land. Aromatic herbs and basil flavors enclosed in a modern can.

Size: 3 l

Pairings: meat and fish dishes, salads, raw food and cold dishes

Olive Oil Storage: to maintain intact as long as possible the organoleptic properties of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil the best storage temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees away from light, heat and oxygen. Store olive oil in a dark-colored glass bottles or in a stainless steel container, away from detergents. If you buy your olive oil in cans, consider pouring smaller amounts in a dark-colored bottle to use as you need it.

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